About Me


Hello! My name is Allie Lynn and I am a photographer, model, actress, and performer.

After four years of studying Advertising Design and Commercial Art, I found my interests were not with the business side of art. Competing to be the best designer drained my creativity and as much as I tried I could not continue in such a business-driven career. After a few years away, I picked up a new camera, a hobby to revive my artistic side, and found the wonderful world of creative photography. I have not looked back since.


In wanting to better myself and to understand the other side of the camera more, I began a self portrait project. From there I found another passion of mine beginning to take form: modeling. I started walking in local runway shows and using that time as a way to network with other models and photographers. It soon became a new way of expressing myself and a different form of art I could participate in.

Of course for me, I didn’t feel like stopping there.


I have been an actress and performer since my school years. That journey led me from working local Halloween haunts to  music videos to improv acting and hoop dancing in amusement parks. I am a budding film actress and will soon be using all my skills to direct my first short film. I can only imagine where this can lead.


Allie Lynn Arts is dedicated to the passion of living, of not settling for only one kind of lifestyle and to experience the beauty of this world in all of its wonderful forms. My aim in life is to have fun, be wild, never settle and to inspire anyone and everyone to do the same.

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