About Me


After four years of studying Advertising Design and Commercial Art, I found my interests were not in the field of design. The goal of outshining my competition drained my creativity and as much as I tried, I could not continue in such a business-driven career.

Photography is my way of creating art, of bringing fantasy stories and terrifying creatures into the real world. Runway shows started as a means of networking with other models and photographers but soon became a love of mine. Self Portraits are a way of combining these two passions.


I've also been performing in various ways since childhood. You can find my acting resume here:

Acting allows me to learn new and exciting things. Through different performance ventures I've learned to hula hoop dance, to sew a dress from scratch, to walk on stilts. I've performed with Foreigner, on stage in Disney World, in feature films I've gone to the theatres to see. I've danced and sang and performed stunt work with the most incredibly talented people. For these reasons and more, I've chosen the name Allie Lynn Arts to represent myself. People have told me for years to choose one career and stick to it.
That is far too limiting for me.

Allie Lynn Arts is dedicated to experiencing the beauty of this world in all of its wonderful forms. My aim in life is to have fun, be wild, never settle and to inspire anyone and everyone to do the same.

My name is Allie Lynn and I am an artist.